What 13 VERY Honest Women Really Think Of Guys Who Can’t Cook

What 13 VERY Honest Women Really Think Of Guys Who Can’t Cook

Developing new skills makes you more interesting, and cooking is definitely one of the skills that will help you stand out to women in the dating world. Women love to watch a man cooking. I do know that watching a man use his hands to delicately create something turns my mind towards what else his hands can delicately do! Plus, there is just something sensual about cooking, even if it is simply creating a drink or a cup of coffee. Even research is backing up the fact that women find men sexy when they are working in the kitchen. Watch the following video. When I first met my husband, I was living by myself in an apartment, and I ate nachos and Taco Bell on a regular basis.

That Time I Dated A Man Who Was A Bit Too Interested In My Cooking

By creating an account, you agree to the Terms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. And if you are hunkered down with your significant other, a surefire way to impress them is to cook them a meal. New research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Little Potato Company reveals the huge role cooking plays in our relationships. The new study of 2, Americans examined the role cooking plays in our relationships:.

To help cooks of all levels impress their friends and family, The Little Potato Company offers delicious, nutritious and convenient Creamer potato products that are endlessly versatile.

has never crossed your mind, so let me enlighten you in hopes of a brighter dating future. Here are a few reasons why all women need a man who can cook.

If you have ever been invited over for a dinner date and had a guy answer the door while wearing an apron and wiping his hands with a tea towel, then you understand why this scene is so appealing. Add to that the delectable smells of cooked food and a nicely-set, candlelit table and you are hooked, especially if you are a hard-working woman who does not have the time or energy to prepare an elaborate meal.

Guys who can cook are more attractive to women as it demonstrates not only their creativity in the kitchen but also their willingness to share daily household duties. It proves that they are self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves and others as well. It also proves that they are willing to put in the extra effort to do something special for someone else.

Now that you know guys who can cook are often considered attractive, let us explore this topic further and in more detail below. I will discuss the top five reasons why men who can cook are so appealing as well as what it means when a guy cooks a meal for you. We will even discuss what meals most men like to cook on a date. Scientists have discovered that men who cook are often considered to be more attractive to women.


As a Plus Size Princess in the dating scene, requests for home cooked meals are something I constantly get from men. I find it annoying and borderline offensive. Just think about the logistics of me cooking for a man I just met.

Desserts can be fun to make (and eat), but baking is more difficult than cooking, so if you’re new to this game, don’t try to bake a cake from scratch on your first day!

Sorry, Dad, love you. In an age where traditional dating norms feel less certain than ever, when a date offers to cook for you, it can feel a bit like they are offering to climb your very long hair in order to save you from a tower. I honestly don’t know what it means when your date cooks for you , but it seems like a very kind gesture. My experience with men cooking for me is as follows: I’ve never been cooked for or had someone to offer to cook for me prior to a third date.

This makes sense, because cooking requires entering your date’s apartment, and entering a date’s apartment on the first date is a bit scary because of murder and assault and the like. Safety first! Most of these men have seemed genuinely interested in me, but not all of them were complete perfect specimens who wanted to date me forever.

In my humble and skeptical opinion, if someone cooks for you, yes, they probably like you, but they also may just want to get laid. I took to Reddit , the most honest of forums, and heard from real guys what exactly cooking for a date meant in their experience. Here’s what they had to say:. Yes, he wants to get his date over to his place, but to be fair, that doesn’t mean his intentions are oriented toward the bedroom.

Or does it? So basically, while cooking usually indicates some romantic interest, if your cute friend who you’ve never actually gone on a date with is cooking for you, the feelings might just be platonic all around.

13 Things That Happen When Your Partner Is A Great Cook

The prolonged winter we recently experienced on the East coast made it almost impossible to go out and have fun, so as the weather began to turn I took my chances at home and swiped. One day I matched with a young man who just so happened to be Nigerian, as I am. He was tall, dark and handsome, smart, educated, you know, your average Nigerian Ken doll.

Once we started talking and getting to know each other, I broke the ice about being Nigerian as well and our conversation got much better.

Developing new skills makes you more interesting, and cooking is definitely one of the skills that will help you stand out to women in the dating.

When searching for the right man, women typically keep an eye out for certain traits such as confidence, sense of humor, or looks. While I must admit those traits do cross my mind when getting to know a guy, there is one trait in particular that I admire: the ability to cook! Perhaps this trait has never crossed your mind, so let me enlighten you in hopes of a brighter dating future.

Here are a few reasons why all women need a man who can cook. Even though I am a freshman in college who, sadly, hasn’t had much male cooking experience, I can imagine when I get to that certain stage in my life, there will be nothing more appealing than coming home and finding my man whipping something up for me in the kitchen. From making me the simplest of meals to the most extreme, I will always find cooking sexy.

Instead of spending a large amount of money on dinner out on the town, your dinner date can come right from your home which makes eating much more intimate. Special occasion or not, a dinner that he made for just the two of you, suitable for the dining room table or even the couch, screams romance.

6 Lessons You Need To Learn Before You Cook For Your New Man

If a guy expects me to prepare hot meals for him every day, he needs to grow the hell up and dream on. Being lazy costs a lot of money—what a waste. That money could be put to so much better use, like taking me out on nice dates! Kidding… sort of! Learning new things can be daunting at first but the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

If you mean like a chef or just generally someone with a lot of talent in that field then sure, awesome food is lovely and it’s cool when someone can cook things.

When I was in grad school, I had a crush on a boy in the history department. To impress him…. We balanced our dinner plates on a tiny side table and kept our wine glasses on the floor by our feet. To make matters worse, the conversation was stilted, since I had to run back and forth from the kitchen to dole out each new course. As impressed as History Boy was with the meal I had cooked for him, on a graduate-student budget no less, he immediately fell asleep on my bed.

The food had put him into a stupor. When he awoke from his nap, he kissed me on the cheek and took a cab home, leaving me with a sink full of dishes and an empty bed. Dessert can still be vanilla ice cream, but store-bought. The last boy I made this for was clinking his spoon against the parfait glass like he was digging for gold. The point is that you should make it easy on yourself — because the focus should be you, not the food. You can tell a lot about someone by how they eat chicken.

Easy and everyone likes them. Maybe something on toast? Nothing says keeper like someone who can flip things in a pan with one hand.

7 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Man Who Cooks

This spring, Rosimar Nieves entered into a digital conversation with a man on Bumble. Nieves, 28, told the man she takes advantage of the local arts and culture scene in Chattanooga, Tennessee and that she loves to cook; preparing meals for family and friends, she says, is how she shows affection for those she cares about. How wonderful would their first date be, he asked, if they spent it sharing a meal she had lovingly prepared? When should he expect such a dinner?

If I’m dating a guy, I know that I’m really starting to like him when I get the Whether you’re cooking for a significant other or your dad, you can’t.

Is it endearing, because he’s a walking stereotype from ? Or totally cool? And I love it when he cooks for me. It’s awesome. But as someone who actually only cooks a meal maybe once or twice a month , and usually relies on the handy Seamless Web app to sustain life, I feel like a hypocrite saying that I’d prefer him to be able to cook than not.

I think his ability to not just be comfortable in the kitchen, but be really good at what he does in there, is just further confirmation of how liberal and forward-thinking he truly is. I asked the ladies their thoughts on dating a man who doesn’t know how to cook. Or totally cool, because you’re the Julia Child in the relationship anyway?

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