WittyThumbs (S17) wants to improve online-dating conversations

WittyThumbs (S17) wants to improve online-dating conversations

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Sparkology Puts Elite Spin on Dating and Competes to Enter Y Combinator

I’ve met my last two girlfriends online. On reflection, the social aspect of meeting people through friends really helps solve a lot of future relationship problems you have things in common, some level of shared values etc. In my view online dating is brutal for all. As a woman you’re often dealing with hundreds and hundreds of matches. Everyone has to run a massive pipeline which means things end up being very transactional if you aren’t careful.

Because there’s so much competition things that wouldn’t necessarily matter all that much end up being huge deal breakers say for example height, or niche preferences.

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RandomBacon 11 months ago parent favorite on: Match. Unrelated, but I’m thinking about using one or more dating sites. Short answer? They are all trash and the space is ripe for disruption. But like I said, getting a date off these apps is like pulling teeth. I’ve reverted to asking girls out in person at coffee shops, social gatherings, etc.

Emerson and Morris Hsieh have created Waves, the dating app that allows you to connect based on sexual preferences. Waves is currently a part of Y Combinator’s Summer batch. Landing page screen of Waves.

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Here’s a little more info. They changed it to a general purpose video site after 5 days after nobody uploaded any videos although they offered 20 USD to each woman for uploading a self-introduction video. This wayback machine is from April 28, Me at the Zoo[1] is from April 23, So technically speaking, someone did upload something. And 5 days is actually really 5 days Which brings the question – what is the second oldest YouTube video still on the site? Does that sound plausible and consistent with what YouTube pays?

Is there any way to check if he has actually monetized his video? P0l83q4p1Hw3Ul on July 22, Turn off Adblock and see if an ad plays. Thorrez on July 21,

Her (YC S15) Launches Its Women-Only Dating App Throughout The United States

Want to start a startup? Get funded by Y Combinator. March This essay is derived from a talk at the Harvard Computer Society. You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.

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RocketSyntax on July 21, parent favorite on: YouTube was launched as a dating site. This is how dating agencies used to. Yeah, because when I look at all the problems with online dating, what I think is that it could all be solved if only people would treat eachother even more like commodities. Verified blue whale badge on profile. If the first action in a relationship is one of distrust, it doesn’t feel right

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Y Combinator’s Kevin Hale: getting users is like dating, keeping them is like marriage

It’s impossible to build a good dating experience on an app at scale. Let me explain why. Dating markets are lemon markets. The classical example of a lemon market was the used car market – most people who bought “lemons” unreliable cars would exploit information asymmetry and sell them on the used market, and over time the reputation of the used car market deteriorated to the point where it was affecting the value of new cars. The car manufacturers solved the problem by introducing gatekeepers – certified used car programs, that certified that the cars weren’t lemons.

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You can see other launches by following the Company Launch tag. WittyThumbs helps people improve their dating lives by teaching them how to open up emotionally, be more comfortable being authentic, spend their time effectively, reduce anxiety, and set clear expectations for themselves and others. Our users gain social confidence, stronger communication skills, and a clearer understanding of dating and how it fits into their lives.

Q: Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? We spent years dissecting dating and learning the skills piece by piece, most of which sounded unnatural to us. We went out every weekend to bars, clubs and parties. The skills and confidence eventually clicked for us, but looking back, we saw no reason why this had to be a grueling year process. We wanted to help others figure it out much faster and cheaper. Liron and Lior started blogging about texting techniques.

Lior also coached dating professionally for in-person clients. Today, we are seeing many more people in the same position we were in 10 years ago. We hope to change how people date and have relationships for the better, both personally and culturally, leading to strong bonds, less frustration, and more fulfilling romantic lives. Until recently, the biggest issue with dating used to be about finding people to date.

What I Look for in a Founding Team, with Y Combinator

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